We carry top brand Tanning Lotions like Designer Skin Tanning Lotions. We have been tanning customers in Oakville and Mississauga for many many years now. After all this time in the tanning salon industry we have definatly learned a lot about tanning lotions and how our tanning customers can develop a beautiful tan as fast as possible while taking care of your skin and avoiding a sunburn. That's why tanning salon customers have chosen Tan in the Wild again and again.


Why Use Tanning Lotions

Do you want faster tanning results? Tanning lotions have come a long long way over the years. Tanning is a big business that has allowed tanning lotion companies to spend thousands of dollars on research and development. They only have one goal in mind and that is developing tanning lotions to give you a great tan and fast. The end result is a collection of advanced tanning lotions that get you tanned faster. They also make your tan last a lot longer in between visits. Premium tanning salon lotions also help you absorb more of the tanning rays with each and every tanning session. Bottom line - Premium tanning salon lotions will give you a faster, darker, and longer lasting tan period!

More Benefits of Using Tanning Lotions

Today's tanning lotions are chock full of top of the line advanced skin care ingredients. They include vitamins and minerals specific to the needs of tanning customers. Special nut and plant oils for skin conditioning and tan building. You can also get advanced anti aging skin care ingredients. Most people don't realize that your tanning salon lotions offer these anti aging ingredients at a fraction of the cost of buying them separately in a department store. For the best value, buy an anti aging high end tanning lotion and also use it as your anti aging night moisturizer at home. You can usually get an 8 or 10 ounce tanning lotion with anti aging for about the same price as 1 ounce of anti aging lotion in a department store. That is a great value!

Only Use Tanning Lotions Bought at your Tanning Salon

Indoor tanning salon lotions are especially formulated to get you a faster tanning result. They work just as well in our tanning beds or outside in the sun. They also maintain your skins health and hydration. They will usually contain many tanning specific ingredients that you wont find in other department store or drug store lotions. Many ingredients in department store bought lotions can actually slow down your tanning results. That's not what you want if your paying to get a tan. Stick to your tanning salon lotions for fast dark tanning results. Also keep in mind the fact that selling lotions online is against all tanning lotion companies policies ? If someone is selling tanning lotion online - BEWARE - you don't know what you are getting or what is really in the product. These tanning lotions are black market and are not guaranteed by the manufacturer so buyer beware, best not to take a chance with your skin care.

Avoid Store Bought Moisturizers

make sure you buy the tan extender tanning lotion at your local tanning salon. These are special moisturizers for people working on a suntan to maintain the tan longer in between visits. They should be used as a moisturizer on any day you are not tanning. (Tanning days you use your regular tanning lotion). Also use the tan extender lotion after you take a shower or bath. Tip: showers and bathing are very dehydrating on your skin. Make sure you moisturize with a good tanning salon approved after shower tan extender.


We carry a Full Line of Tanning Lotions from these Companies

Designer Skin Tanning Lotions

Australian Gold Tanning Lotions

California Tan Tanning Lotions

Ed Hardy Tanning Lotions


Remember Premium Tanning Lotions Tan you Faster, Darker, Longer !