Tanning in Oakville is a pleasure at Tan in the Wild.There are many reasons Oakville and mississauga tanning salon customers have chosen Tan in the Wild again and again. Our customers often ask us to open more locations when they move because we set the standards so high. When they go to another tanning salon ... its just not the same.



You can tan here with confidence knowing all employees are Smart Tan trained and certified in all aspects of proper tanning salon sanitization. Cleanliness is our business and is the #1 reason clients choose and stay at Tan in the Wild in Oakville. We use strict measures and guidelines to guarantee your tanning visit to be clean and properly sanitized and and every visit so you can enjoy, relax, and tan!


We are constantly doing research and pick our tanning beds and bulbs based on performance, so you get results at every level of tanning. The tanning beds are taken apart to be cleaned and maintained on a regular basis. We change our tanning bulbs long before the manufacturer recommends to ensure you always get great tanning results.


Our goal, simple to provide you, our customers the absolute best value in tanning. We feel we offer the most tanning results for your dollars spent. We offer different levels of tanning beds to meet the needs of different skin types and different budgets, add it all up, great tanning results, great service, convenience and cleanliness = great value for the tanning customer.


Our goal is and will always be fast, friendly, courteous service. Our staff are properly trained in skin typing methods to help each individual receive his/her best tanning results with each and every visit. Our goal is to provide maximum tanning results while reducing the risk of burning. Please listen to your tanning professionals recommendations, after all, they are trained and certified professionals and know more about the process of tanning than most people.


Walk in service, no appointments, open 7 days a week. While tanning outside is definitely a possibility the tanning industry has been growing year after year. People just like you and me find it far more convenient to come inside to a controlled environment from 7 - 15 minutes to get your sun exposure for vitamin "D". This way you can sun tan without burning rather than spending hours outside in uncomfortable conditions, not knowing if your going to burn or damage your skin outside. Reduce your risk, save time, tan indoors.


100% Satisfaction Guarantee, I personally guarantee you a clean room, professional service, and great results. If for any reason you believe you have not met this satisfaction guarantee please e-mail me personally. I will make it right!

We are committed to providing Oakville and Mississauga tanning salon customers with above average customer service in a friendly yet professional atmosphere.

We are serious about properly sanitizing your tanning room between each and every visit so that you can tan here with confidence !!!

we always change our bulbs long before it is recomended so that you always get great results...and at the fairest prices. You won’t get the same level of service, cleanliness, and attention to detail and quick tanning results for these prices anywhere else.



P.S. If you have a suggestion or comment, or testimonial on our service or staff or you feel you have not been given the level of service you expect please contact me personally at: joe@tanwild.com



We are privately owned and operated and do not have franchise fees to pay or strict franchise rules and regulations to follow. Our goal is simply to do what-ever it takes to make our tanning customers happy.

We have built our tanning salons over the years by making our customers happy one at a time and listening to your suggestions on how to make our tanning business better for you.


So we would like to say thank you for voting us #1 Oakville Tanning Salon.