Saturn High Pressure Tanning Bed

Maximum Tanning Power - "Guaranteed Not To Burn"!

Sunboard XTT High Pressure Tanning bed Oakville Mississauga Burlington

Tan in 3 to 4 Visits - Guaranteed No Burns !!!



The ultimate stand up tanning booth ! - the saturn high pressure technology is open concept
tanning at its finest. You are not closed in at all and you will not feel claustrophobic in this stand up tanning booth.

One of the best stand up tanning beds you will find in oakville... It has a lot of gentle
high pressure tanning power and guaranteed not to burn!


The Saturn high pressure tanning booth uses advanced technology to give the absolute best bronze
tan available in a stand up today! A very gentle tan, beautiful brown color and is guaranteed
not to burn anyone.


The saturn tanning booth allows you to tan less often and still maintain beautiful color.
It builds the best possible tan. You get a beautiful brown, long lasting tan in fewer sessions than ever!
You'll love the feeling of openess in this this open concept tanning booth.


No doors, no walls, just a wonderful feeling of openess and freedom. Close your eyes and you
will feel like your on the beach. Lots of air and light without the claustraphobic feel of smaller
closed in tanning beds.


Come enjoy one of the best tanning beds in the world. Located right here
in the Oakville, Mississauga Area.