Ergoline 850 Excellence Dark Bronze Tanning Bed

Air Conditioning - Adjustable Facial Power - Comfort Lounge"

Ergoline Excellence 850 Tanning bed Oakville Mississauga Burlington

Treat Yourself To A Luxurious Tanning Experience!



One of the worlds finest tanning beds the Ergoline Excellence 850 high pressure tanning bed is definitely one of the very best tanning beds you will find in Oakville...
It has 21,000 Watts of high pressure tanning power for fast dark tanning results.


This bed will give you the deepest, darkest, longest lasting tan imaginable. The 850 has special filter glasses within the top canopy of the bed that filter out most of the burning rays causing this bed to act solely as a true dark bronzing powerhouse.


TEMPTRONIC AIR CONDITIONING The intelligent air conditioning system puts your comfort as its highest priority. The temptronic air conditioning system (an exclusive feature on the Ergoline Excellence series), allows you to adjust the temperature throughout your tanning session. The balanced distribution of air outlets in the head, body and foot zones ensure maximum air flow for your tanning comfort.


TANNING RELAXATION: BODY WAVE ACRYLIC The advanced body wave double-bend base acrylic takes the pressure off. Tanning in the Ergoline 850 is truly a relaxed and revitalizing experience like no other tanning beds.