Ergoline 800 Excellence High Performance Tanning Bed

Air Conditioning - Adjustable Facial Power - Comfort Lounge"

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Treat Yourself To A Luxurious Tanning Experience!



One of the worlds finest tanning beds - the Ergoline Excellence 800 high performance tanning bed makes an impression with it's eye catching new design and cutting edge technical innovation for better tanning results and comfort then other tanning beds.


High PERFORMANCE FACIALS Features High Performance Facial tanning system that combines optimized glass reflector and a specially coated filter glass that actually performs better then many other tanning beds.


TEMPTRONIC AIR CONDITIONING The intelligent air conditioning system puts your comfort as its highest priority. The temptronic air conditioning system (an exclusive feature on the Ergoline Excellence series), allows you to adjust the temperature throughout your tanning session. The balanced distribution of air outlets in the head, body and foot zones ensure maximum air flow for your tanning comfort.


TANNING RELAXATION: BODY WAVE ACRYLIC The advanced body wave double-bend base acrylic takes the pressure off. Tanning in the Ergoline 800 is truly a relaxed and revitalizing experience like no other tanning beds.


BALANCED TAN TECHNOLOGY The Ergoline Excellence 800 satisfies the desire for an evenly balanced, full body tan. Using cutting edge computer simulations, the UV geometry of the Excellence 800 Excellence is perfectly tailored to the human body for optimal tanning results and comfort.